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In any solar system, inverter plays an essential role like a brain. The main function of this is to alter DC power to AC power which is generated from the solar array

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Clean Energy

Solar energy is a clean, emission-free, and sustainable energy source for your home. Home solar, unlike fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, does not emit harmful pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, into the air and water supplies.

Increases home value

The cost of a typical rooftop solar installation and battery is typically recouped in the sale price of a home. Additionally, homeowners that invest in solar are rewarded with lower energy bills and favorable tax advantages that can pay the cost of the system multiple times throughout the warranty period.

Costs have fallen

Solar panels for homes have become significantly less expensive in recent years, with prices dropping by more than 70% in only the previous decade. The cost of household solar batteries has also decreased significantly.


installation & project development

Mal Electronics is Belgium ’s leading solar expert, saving our customers millions of dollars to date through the use of solar electric systems throughout The First State.
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